Green biotechnology: a change of mood in Germany?
London (26.6.14) – Does the worm turn? The Germans have been notorious..[Read Full Story]...

Europe stirs; who will move?
London (14.6.14) – The federalists, of course, won’t like to admit it but the latest twist of the European GM .[Read Full Story]...

China toughens up GM-imports
In November, China suddenly announced that it would block corn shipments from the U.S. that contain Viptera..[Read Full Story]..

Mr. Marsh and Mr. Baxter
London (17.6.14) – An interesting court case has recently concluded in Australia. ..[Read Full Story]..

Between the devil and the deep blue sea: let’s have the devil
London (21.6.14) – We have, we admit, on occasion been rather critical of the way ..[Read Full Story]..

Problems of scientific advising at the heart of Europe
London (16.6.14) – In December 2011, Anne Glover, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the ..[Read Full Story]..

Golden bananas
London (21.6.14) – For years now we have been struggling the problem particularly..[Read Full Story]..

A GM cat among organic honey-producing pigeons
London (14.6.14) – Some organic farmers and others in the business are beginning to see the effects ..[Read Full Story]..

GM in Russia – a confusing situation
London (14.6.14) – Quite what is happening in Russia with respect to the cultivation, import and use . ..[Read Full Story]..

Haven’t we been here before?
London (14.6.14) – In the light of our various comments about GM shenanigans in France, we were intrigued ..[Read Full Story]..

The margins of GM
When is GM not GM? asks the Scientific Alliance This question may sound strange, but it is important in ..[Read Full Story]..

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CropGen recognises that crop biotechnology offers many actual and potential benefits – benefits which are often overlooked or deliberately obscured in public debates.

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