Biopharming (16.7.15)
GM in Germany (16.7.15)Omega-3 fish oils (16.7.15)
A good reason for GM-labelling? (16.7.15)
Welcome progress (16.8.15)
English agriculturalists speak out (16.7.15)
Modifying crops: six techniques presently in use (11.8.15)
Anti-GM morality (13.8.15)
Stirring the pot? Ruffling the feathers? (13.8.15)
A bad proposal from the European Commission (13.8.15)
Scotland the Brave (13.8.15)
The Scottish government’s GM-ban: scientists respond (19.8.15)
GM-field trials in Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands (11.8.15)
To the east of here (7.9.15)
And to the south (7.9.15)
Here and there in the European Union (7.9.15)

U.S. Supreme Court on GM-labelling (16.9.15)
More from three of the UK nations (10.11.15)
Rats and GM-testing (14.12.15)
The costs of a GM label (11.12.15)
Going against the grain (6.11.15)
Formaldehyde in GM soya? (10.11.15)
Non-browning apples (14.11.15)
A death of ash (14.11.15)
Welcome progress (14.11.15)
The EU: GM-food and -feed imports (14.11.15)
Safety and the government (14.11.15)
Around and about (22.11.15)
GM-salmon approved for human consumption (22.11.15)
GM and the Euro (4.12.15)
Oh dear – it’s poor old Monsanto in the dock again (4,12,15)
Some Indian farmers certainly know what’s best (4.12.15)
GM regulations for the UK (24.12.15)
Novel foods and supermarkets (24.12.15)
Attitudes (24.12.15)
On the question of labelling (2.2.16)

And again (5.2.16)


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