The phony case against glyphosate (16.8.16)
Sugar beets and bananas (16.8.16)
The extent of GM-crops in the United States (16.8.16)
“Natural” and “naturally” (16.8.16)
Environmental consequences of cultivating GM-soya and GM-maize (26.9.16)
A petition with a difference (26.9.16)
Glyphosate once more – it isn’t (26.9.16)
U.S. regulatory review of biotechnology (26.9.16)
GM potatoes approved in the US (4.11.16)
Transgenic seeds market (21.11.16)
Regulation: apples and salmon (13.12.16)
The safety of GM-crops (04.10.16)
GM consequences (04.10.16)
The latest on GM from UK food retailers – and elsewhere (04.10.16)

Brexit + 135 days: reflections on plant breeding in the UK (24.11.16)
The UK public and GM foods (21.11.16)
Africa stirs (13.12.16)
In the eastern hemisphere (13.12.16)
The EU and the UK (07.02.17)
Animals and GM fodder (21.02.17)
Another GM-field trial at Rothamsted (07.02.17)
And in the United States…. (07.02.17)
A treaty too far (19.03.17)
Burkina Faso (07.02.17)
More on the EU – and on the UK (21.02.17)
A matter of yield (19.03.17)
Glyphosate: end of story? (19.03.17)
Fruit, veg and fibre (19.03.17)
The end of GM in Europe? Perhaps not quite yet (05.04.17)
The menace of regulation (05.04.17)
Of royals and royalties – and other things British (05.04.17)
Clear and simple (05.04.17)
A funny thing about Chile (05.04.17)
GM and landmine clearance (17.04.17)
American public opinion on GM-foods (17.04.17)
Worldwide cultivation of GM-crops continues to grow (08.05.17

Are we (again) reaching the end of the glyphosate story? (08.05.17)
Our fearful friends (08.05.17)
That’s a relief (08.05.17)
As bad as it gets (20.05.17)




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